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cowboy style holster for North American Arms 2.5 inch barrel with 22 mag ammo loops



     Welcome to the Southern Charm Holsters LLC.  We were established in 2012 and have been working leather every day since.  So far I have built over 10 thousand .  I have gone from cutting leather with a pocket knife, to a head knife, to using a Laser...  technology is amazing--  I hand sewed first 1000 holsters... then had carpel tunnel surgery and bought a cobra class 4 machine.   My first sales were through eBay.. where I still have a store set up... then I added Etsy  and finally built this site to have a place online that wasn't controlled by someone else . You will find reviews on both Etsy and Ebay feel free to check out what people say about us.  

     Lets talk : leather....  I only use premium Herman oak veg tan leather.  It's Made in In the USA and it's the best I know of.
                    Stitching....  I only use double bonded nylon 277... strong and should last a lifetime or two

                        Dye ....     Fiebings   Pro grade .
                        conditioner-- Every holster is conditioned with Bickmore Bick 4 right before it ships...

                       why cut with a laser?  less waste, less pain,  Amazing detail, Consistent quality... and it can do in 10 minutes what would take 3 hours with the head knife.... and it never slips....  plus it has given me the ability to create holsters that would have been too difficult for me to do by hand.

                  Old school...  A tool is a tool.... I believe  in combining the new with the old...  using the best tool for the job.  So there is a lot of: hand tooling,  skiving, buffing, and polishing going on in my little shop.  I have a large collection of stamps.   I have done hand tooled holsters that were both stamped and Laser engraved.



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