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This Holster Is a Hybrid style of Traditional leather and a very convenient and practical G Code Paddle .   I use a nice smooth veg tan leather to line the holster.  It will work with all of the different Barrel lengths and I can make the Bullet loops for any Caliber.  The ones pictured are 45.    The first picture shows an Old English Font and this holster was requested without a retention strap.  Personally I prefer the retention strap and highly recommend it if you plan on carrying barrels shorter than 3 1/2 inch.   

   The second picture shows a western font and has the retention strap.  I also have a Fancy Script font and I collect leather stamps... I have approximately 300 at this time including all of the Zodiac.  So if there is something you would like stamped on it -  there is at least a chance I may have it.  Some, but not all of my stamps will be pictured at the bottom of this description.

    The third holster pictured has the initials stamped in "Fancy Script"  It was finished in Dark Brown.  "  I took the pictures in a hurry to show to the customers that ordered...  this was taken with holster sitting on top of a fresh piece of Veg tan leather...  if you ask for a no dye holster... that is the color it would be.    I dye the holsters twice,  once before they are sewn so that the inside is completely finished and once that they are sewn so that the threads match.  I use a professional  grade Saddle Tan oil dye "  first couple of pictures"  - unless you just want a different color-   and I use a highlighter to bring out the tooling and stamping.  After that dries the holster is given a light coat of acrylic " adds a little water resistance"  and then is treated with bick 4 leather conditioner.   I do not recomend no dye holsters.... but I will do them.

The outer leather is 6 to 8 ounce  full grain Herman oak leather.  My holsters are cemented and then sewn using a double bonded nylon 277... very strong and abrasive  resistant.   Edges are burnished smooth and then black edge coat is applied.   My turn around time is usually just 2 to 3  days " It has to have a little dry time"   If you have any questions feel free to text me 256 443 1731.  Have a blessed day,  Wendy

Custom Bond Arms Paddle Holster. Hybrid. Leather and G code

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