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Pictures shown are of past work,  The first picture is of a holster done in black with the trigger  covered.  Some of the pictures are of Holsters for other guns just to show the color and the quality of the work.

Please read... I will need information from you!

This holster is built custom when ordered.   Build time is 7 days.  your initials are stamped in the leather beside the snap. The six loops hold colt 45 or 410 shotgun shells.

Message Me!!


1.  The initials you want stamped..

2. The color you want it in.  Colors are shown in last picture... but they will be enhanced with highlighter like the holster shown.

3.  Trigger covered, or trigger cut out... it's covered in pic 1,  cut out in pic 2


The ammo loops snap in back forming the Belt loop.. fits up to 2.5 inch belt..

Made from premium  Herman Oak leather, stitching is double bonded nylon 277 

Color shown is Mahogany and Black...  I can do it in a combination like that, or solid colors.  Options are: Mahogany, Black, Golden Brown, Saddle tan and Red.

Custom Cowboy Style Holster for S&W Governor

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