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"Galaxy in jar" Stamp..leather Press ToolDELRIN..NOT A HAMMER TOOL. 1 ½ inch This tool is meant to be used with a press...not a hammer. Makes a nice impression Stamp is 1 ½ inch squared...3/8 inch thick made from Delrin Veg tan leather is the leather of choice for embossing.. you case "dampen” the leather with a wet sponge " don't soak the leather...if it's to wet it want leave good details. I know leather presses can be pricey... I found a decent one at Vevor I use. Quarter is just to show the size for comparison. five pounds of flour makes a mighty big biscuit... Have a blessed day.

"Galaxy in Jar"..leather Press Tool DELRIN..NOT A HAMMER TOOL. 1 ½ inch

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