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You will Need to purchase the holster style you want customized along with purchasing this listing.


This is the listing you purchase to turn you holster into a custom holster.    You will find pictures of my stamps under the Picture of Leather stamp page.  I have several  different fonts.. Western, Old English, Fancy Script, Block.... keep in mind these are small holsters and some of the fonts will be to large to use more than a couple of Letters.  So it is best to just add one to three initials .    Old English and Fancy script are limited to two..  Block you may be able to get your name. ..  western font you would be able to get 3 initials.


The same goes with the stamps.. two or three of the larger ones.. maybe 4 on bigger holster.   I can also usually add a border.  Please let me know how you would like the holster done in the place provided for holster details.

Make it a custom holster.. purchase to add stamping to your NAA or Bond

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