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This Holster will fit the North American Arms: Black Widow fixed sights, Wasp, Sidewinder, 22mag 1 1/8 barrel and the 22 mag with 1 5/8 barrel.  This design is made for Right hand carry over the waste band, or left hand carry in the waste band.


The metal clip is made from strong stainless steel and has been sewn on.  Made with: Herman oak veg tan leather, Double bonded Nylon 277 thread, barges cement, Professional grade dye and treated with Bick 4 leather conditioner. Edges are sanded and burnished to a fine finish. Before a holster ships the gun that they are made for is placed in them to check for fit. The holster is treated with Bick 4 and buffed.

OWB/IWB holster for NAA Blackwidow, pug, 22Mag, Sidewinder

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